Michelle Ramos

Dance Artist, Choreographer, Teacher


Michelle Ramos is an international ballerina, choreographer and teacher. She is a performance & choreography specialist with a focus on ballet, contemporary dance, and the development of the MindBody as an instrument of art.

Ms. Ramos is a university professor and also teaches at conservatories, offers master classes for companies and creates original choreography. She continues to perform as a guest artist.

Pr. Ramos holds an MFA in Performance & Choreography on a talent and dean scholarship from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts; a BFA in Ballet and Contemporary Dance on a merit scholarship from the Boston Conservatory; a Yoga teaching certification from the Perri Institute for Mind and Body in New York City and is an alumna of the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance in Mexico City where she studied in the eight year track as Ballerina Executant of Classical Dance and under the tutelage of Lourdes Trevino.

Ms. Ramos diverse performance experiences include: The National Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, with presidential performances; Raul Flores Canelo and television. She has traveled extensively as a dance artist being on visit with companies such as Compañía Nacional de Danza and Gemma Morado, Madrid; National Theatre Ballet and Lucie Holankova, Prague; Giada Ferrone, Ballet Du Grand Theatre de Geneve; Gyor National Ballet of Hungary and Staatsballett Berlin. She has also shared the stage with Whoopi Golberg and Robin Williams. 

Michelle Ramos is the creator of IMAGINANZA and continues to collaborate with composers, filmmakers, designers, photographers, architects, engineers & further artists.

Additionally, Ms. Ramos was sponsored by Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and the Pennsylvania Foundation for Parkinson's to become a Dance for Parkinson's teacher through the Mark Morris Dance group.

Her current research regards performance efficiency through the nourishment of specific mind body connections. 

Ms. Ramos teaching experience includes:

  • Ballet

  • Pointe

  • Repertory

  • Choreography and Composition

  • Contemporary

  • Modern

  • Yoga

  • Jazz

  • Dance History

  • Artistic Collaborations

  • Dance Appreciation

  • Improvisation and Contact

  • Dance in World Cultures

  • Fundamentals of Warming Up

  • Coaching and Mentorship

  • Dance for Parkinson's


For further engagements please write to:  michelle@imaginanza.com


Artist Statement  

Dance Art, Performance and Choreography

     My work as a dancer and choreographer is based on experience, observation and imagination. I strive to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and vice versa. For example, an ordinary walk through a bridge at night can become an extraordinary experience if proper attention is given to the texture of the ground (perhaps it is cobble stone), the temperature and smell of the air,  and the colors of the night. That alone is to me a source of inspiration to create movement. The beauty of it all is something I am deeply attracted to, it pleases the eyes and initiates a chain of harmony that enlivens the other senses. Why not share that with the audience? 

     The public in return inspires the steps I take as a mover and the creation of choreography. I consider the viewers to be simultaneously extraordinary/ordinary people with personal habits and universal emotions, we are all connected by our humanity and that is another source for the mindbody to draw from. 

     Music, nature, history, film, fantasy and literature inspire me. Images, words, melodies, feelings and thoughts... eventually become movements, dance films, poems, photographs, stories... The process is instant and constant. I play with the possibilities and share the result with the audience, hoping it will leave a meaningful imprint on their lives, that it may be of use to all of us.






Photo by Antonio Antoniu

Photo by Ramon Estevanel

Photo by Ramon Estevanel